Importance of Conservation

Conservation is more than just preserving our natural heritage; it’s about safeguarding the stories and legacies woven into our landscapes. At Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park, we are committed to the conservation and repair of whirligigs, such as Milkshake America, through careful identification of materials, tagging, cutting, painting, and other essential tasks. Your support as a volunteer is crucial in ensuring these iconic artworks endure for generations to come. Join us in this meaningful endeavor by signing up to volunteer today! Additionally, explore our fascinating video showcasing the journey of whirligig conservation, from farm to park, and gain a deeper understanding of our conservation efforts. Take action today and be a part of our conservation and repair journey!

Step One

Assessment: Regular assessments of Vollis Simpson’s whirligigs in the park are conducted periodically throughout the year. These assessments are crucial in evaluating the condition of the whirligigs, identifying any areas that require conservation or repair, and ensuring the overall preservation of these iconic artworks.

Step Two

Conservation & Repair: Conservation and repair efforts take place two to four times a year, where skilled conservators address any damages or wear collected during the assessment phase. Tasks include greasing down bolts or fans, making repairs on parts, repainting where necessary, and other measures to maintain the structural integrity and visual appeal of the whirligigs.

Step Three

Installation: During installation, any parts that were taken down for conservation or repairs are meticulously restored to their original positions in the park. Care is taken to replicate the whirligigs as they were, with special attention to wind patterns to ensure their stability and longevity in the outdoor environment.

Support the Park

Our park relies on donations and grants, and your support is invaluable. Your contribution helps preserve a cherished part of Wilson’s history. Join us in preserving Wilson’s history and maintaining its beauty. Thank you for your important role in our cause.

The Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park Project is a partnership of Wilson Downtown Properties, Inc., the City of Wilson, Wilson Downtown Development, and the North Carolina Arts Council.

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